Divine Relationships, Gratitude Success Bag

Divine Relationships, Gratitude Success Bag

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We are living in an orderly universe and we operate in frequencies. The words we are using and the thoughts we are thinking are shaping our reality.

By placing Divine positive information close to our body, the energy is absorbed by the nervous system and it is changing the neuroplasticity to our brain. Then we start to radiate this information to our environment and it is coming back to us multiplied.

Choose your favorite Bag and Tune in with the Divine!

Size guide

Bag width (inches) 16
Bag height (inches) 14 ½
Bag depth (inches) 5
Strap length (inches) 24 1/2
Strap width (inches) 1
Bag width (cm) 41
Bag height (cm) 37
Bag depth (cm) 13
Strap length (cm) 61
Strap width (cm) 3